cellMUTE© Privacy Policy


Speedguard respects your privacy.

Speedguard, marketing the cellMUTE program (hereinafter: the application or the app) offers a solution that prevents using the cellphone while driving and additionally upgrades a smartphone’s ability in situations where it needs to be on ‘muted’ or ‘vibrate’ (hereinafter: the service).

This privacy policy details:

  • The information cellMUTE collects from users

  • How this information is used by cellMUTE

  • Rights and options available to users

This privacy policy constitutes an inseparable part of the service terms of use (http://www.cellmute.com/#!terms-of-use/c17xg) (hereinafter: terms of use – or - terms).

Your use of the service is subject to the terms of use, copyright policy and privacy policy; and indicates your agreement to these terms.

In this privacy policy, the term “personal information” refers to any information collected by us or provided by you that identifies you personally (such as your personal and family name, home address, email address) or that cellMUTE may use with reasonable usage in order to identify you.

Contact Speedguard / report on abuse of your privacy

If you feel that your privacy has been abused by anyone during the course of use of this service, please report this information to privacy@cellmute.com

You are invited to send any request, reaction, question or complaint to support@cellmute.com


  • Data collection

CellMUTE allows you to use the service whether you choose to register via a social network (such as Facebook) or not.  If you are not interested in using the cellMUTE app through a social network, you can skip this stage during registration by clicking "next" without entering any data.

Speedguard allows you to use cellMUTE completely anonymously.

Should you wish to upgrade the app to an advertisement free version, you will be offered an advertising sticker at no extra cost for your car.  The sticker is waterproof and weather resistant.  To receive the sticker enter your postal mailing address and email address so that we can include you in the clients’ club.

Users can forego the sticker and not enter contact details.

Speedguard commits to not conveying identifying details it has received from users to any third party.  Additionally, the user will not be sent news / advertising materials unless the user has agreed to receive them (by marking the appropriate section of the digital form).


If a user made a donation via the in app purchase and is entitled for goods, then in order to receive the goods the user must provide a shipping address via email to be sent to the following email address: sticker@cellmute.com . A user that failed to provide a shipping address will NOT receive any goods.


  • Usage via social network

If you define cellMUTE to integrate with social networks, including entering cellMUTE through your user account with a social network (such as your Facebook account) you are agreeing to share information (including personal information) between cellMUTE and the social networks for the purposes set out in this privacy policy.

Use by social networks of information made available by cellMUTE is subject to the particular social network’s privacy policy and is under that network’s control.  Such usage is not subject to this privacy policy or within the control of cellMUTE.

When you connect for the first time to a social network via the service, or in any other way create a connection between the service and your social network account/s, you will be asked to enable the social network to share your personal information as stored in the social network with the service.  We will collect your data from your social network account only within the privacy parameters you have defined on your social network account/s.  We will therefore only collect the information you have allowed the social network/s to share with third parties (such as your name, email address, list of friends, profile photos, or other information that you share publicly through the relevant social network).


  • Posting with your name on Facebook

CellMUTE will post with your name on Facebook in the following cases:

  • The first time an automatic text message is sent (in the framework of use) using the app.  Under no circumstances or in any situation will information be posted about the person to whom the text message was sent, or the location from where it was sent.  The post message will be similar or identical to the following format: “User (x) has sent an automatic text reply while driving / in a meeting [depending on circumstance] using cellMUTE”.  This post will reappear 7 days later.  Thereafter 3 additional posts will appear spaced 7 days apart.  Thereafter the text will be posted once per month.

  • An additional one time post will appear following the first activation.  The post will be similar or identical to the following text:  “User (x) has taught her / his cellphone not to bother her / him while driving or in meetings by using cellMUTE”.


  • Metadata we collect

At this stage Speedguard does not collect information on users of its service.  To clarify, a definition of “data on service users” is hereby defined.

The amount of time you are connected to cellMUTE, information about the device on which you have installed the app, information you read, content you use or create, advertisements your read or click on, your communication with other users or third parties, your IP (internet protocol) address and name of the domain you use for accessing the service, the geographic location of the computerized system you use in order to connect (hereinafter: data on the service user).

Working with text messages (SMS)

While the cellMUTE service is activated, whether automatically or manually, while its user is driving in a motorized vehicle, in a meeting, overseas or just out having fun: the automatic text response will be activated.  This service sends a short text message explaining the caller or sender of a text message to you, that you are currently unable to answer.  The user is able to change the message content (SMS text content) according to her / his needs.  To every text message sent, the words “cellMUTE message” will be added.  The user is entitled to cancel the addition of the two words “cellMUTE message” on the app’s user definitions.


  • Data security

Data security is a cellMUTE top priority.  CellMUTE activates systems, applications and procedures to ensure the security of your personal information, to reduce theft risk, damage or data loss, or unauthorized access or unauthorized use of information.  However, these actions cannot ensure absolute security.  Therefore, despite the efforts taken by cellMUTE to protect your personal information on cellMUTE, it is unreasonable to presume or feasibly expect that cellMUTE data bases will be completely resistant to acts of sabotage, illegal capture or access, breakdowns, or any other kind of inappropriate usage of the data.


  • Changes to this privacy policy

Speedguard is entitled to occasionally change the terms of this privacy policy.  Essential changes will become valid 30 days after being publicized on cellMUTE’s internet page www.cellmute.com

You hereby agree that any changes to this privacy policy obligate you.  Continued use of the service is testimony to your agreement to the adjusted terms of use.  If you do not agree to the changed terms, you must avoid any further use of the service.