Q & A

Why use cellMUTE driving mode?

Nowadays drivers face such a technology which is in fact an immediate & dangerous temptation!

Our phones are extremely smart but somewhat "spoiled" and as if they don't have the "emotional intelligence" to know when you are not to be bothered.

So here we have the driver, whom is a human being after all,

And this human being is asked NOT to use his cellphone while driving even when it tempts/dares him to!

For most human beings this is too much to ask! As people just can't be programmed!


That's why cellMUTE invented primarily to help drivers succeed in "SmartPhone Diet"





  • To receive calls while driving please connect to a hands free device. wireless                          is recommended


cellMUTE EDUCATE the "smart phone" to be silent when it's owner drives + screen lockdown

Why use cellMUTE Meeting/Theatre mode?

From time to time we switch out cellphones to "quiet mode"

(Usually we forget about it until the next day...)

If one calls you he does not know that your phone is silent and he might be misled to believe that you are screening him.

So we sometimes switch to another approach: we don't activate silent mode!

And the outcome is very disturbing in meetings, And even on vibrate mode:

We need to know who it is?

Maybe a text message is in order?


That's why cellMUTE was invented to auto screen calls + auto text back.

Pre authorized callers are white listed to ring/vibrate/silent

cellMUTE meeting is activated using a TIMER

Why use cellMUTE Abroad mode?

While we are out of our home country we usually don't want to receive calls from anybody.

 The  difference from meeting mode is that cellMUTE's white list is now used to ring regulary (Not silently)

Auto text back is sent ONLY to your listed contacts!

The thought behind the latter is that people sometimes dont want to inform the whole world that they are

OUT of the country.



General Q&A:
Did you ever forget your phone on "silent" and as a result missed calls?
cellMUTE will enable you to set a TIMER to set the duration of silent/vibrate mode.

Did you ever had to text someone that you are busy & can't talk right now?
cellMUTE will autotext your contacts & inform them on the reason for being unavailable.

Did you ever feel that while driving your phone is "tempting" you to use it?
cellMUTE will silence your notifications & lock the screen  while you drive. we eliminate smart yet very risky temptations!!!

Did you ever feel that you would like to screen all calls except specific contacts?
cellMUTE will screen all calls (when activated) EXCEPT chosen contacts. auto text message will be sent only to registerd contacts. usefull when abroad.

Did you ever feel that your phone controls you rather then you control him?
cellMUTE will EDUCATE your phone!!!